Worship Becomes Me
By Maddaline Norfleet


Worship becomes me


In the morning, before I am fully awake and become conscious of my surrounding my heart begins to seek her source.


Even before I consciously seek God with my mind and voice my heart has gone out before me in search of its love.


Then my eyes open and the wonders of a new day fill my heart with grateful adoration and the words Thank You breaks forth from my lips as if they had been held captive for 8 hours.


In that moment I am awed.  What power you have over me, it moves me to tears and I am overwhelmed.  I can’t really think of what to say.  It seams that only the simple words come to me.  So I just begin to speak them softly under my breath so as not to disturb the moment.  “Thank you Lord.”  “I love you Jesus.”  You are so wonderful to me.’’


Praise and adoration has settled in my spirit like a small child would when he is safely rapped in his mothers’ arms.  Who would want to leave?  So I linger there for a while.


When words return to me I speak to my father about the concerns in my life.  I pray for protection of the saints and intercessors around the world.  From there I deflate the adversary by binding his hands thus creating even more room in my mind and heart for God to inhabit.  Rebuking all manner of sickness and decease, I feel strength come from everywhere, as if my prayers have joined with thousands of other intercessors forming a band of protection filled with one more day of grace and mercy for the world.


Then I pause again in wonder.  Wow! What an awesome God you are to hear and know all of our request and concerns and not become over run with our care.  Then it comes to me –that is why I worship you.  Because you are so God, you blow my mind. 


Then it hits me! Somewhere between wonder and awe I cross over from merely being a worshiper to becoming worship itself.  The spirit of God within me has totally engulfed my body and thoughts and I am ushered out of myself like a soft breeze carries a flower on its fingertips.


Worship becomes me, like honey is sweet, nothing else is needed I am complete in Him.  There I find rest and excitement at the same time, yet there is no confusion.  There I cry and laugh, but there is no hint of dismay.  Worship becomes me and I am free to receive the wonders of God’s wisdom –I know Him.


What is this?  A song erupts from deep within my soul and I begin to love more deeply than I ever could have imagined.  Though my voice is cracked and shortness of breath seems to accompany every word, the song somehow eases my desperate desire to convey what I am feeling. One song and then another, some I’ve heard before and others fresh from the throne room of God.  I sing for a while then I fall silent, speechless again I rest –slowly re-entering the reality of daybreak and the responsibilities of the day.  I enter knowing that I have been behind the veil and worshipped until Worship Becomes Me.


Lady Maddaline Norfleet

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This document is designed to serve as a Bible Study / Devotional tool to stimulate spiritual growth and engender encouragement to the reader/devotee. May God richly bless you as you meditate on the Word of God.
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